Monday, October 28, 2013

About GreenEarthMama


I am Delis, Mama to a wonderful baby Boy! I gave birth to my Water Dragon Baby in 2012 in front of my bed at home. I am a nature lover at heart and make a conscious effort to appreciate all the natural beauty around me daily.


Green Living: Living sustainably and as natural as possible.

Natural Motherhood: I am sure that the 'home birth' part above gave it away! We are an Organic, cloth diapering, baby wearing, gentle and instinctual parenting home. I am very passionate about natural mothering and doing my absolute BEST to raise my Son in a conscious, loving environment. It is so important to do your own research and not raise your children the way others believe is best. I do what is best for my family and what works for us.

Self Sustainability: One of my passions is learning 'life skills' such as sewing, making traditional food from scratch and re -purposing. Those skills cannot be taken away and are vital for survival. I truly enjoy the process of trial and error and the journey to making things my own. I love DIY projects. I do not want to depend on a company 'x' to make products my family needs on a daily basis.

Crafts: I am an artist and love art, crafts and letting the creative juices flow. It is so therapeutic and helps me live in the 'now'.

Clean Eating: We eat organic, local, wild-harvested, and grow our own food when possible. My partner Carlos enjoys foraging for wild edible mushrooms and I tag along for the scenery and fresh air. I am passionate about providing healthy and nutritionally dense foods for my family.

Spirituality: Growing spiritually and consciously through this experience we call life is very important to me. I find that slowing down, appreciating, 'smelling the flowers' and keeping a constant connection to a 'higher source' (whatever that may be to you) brings a lot of peace to my heart. Let’s enjoy the ride! It is all about perspective and I make an effort to keep things positive. With that said, my heart resonates with Spirituality, not religion.

Sisterhood: I love people! I love community and the different energies and perspectives we bring to the table. This is the main reason why I am starting this blog. Motherhood has brought me to a place where I am learning to understand my role in this universe. We are all in this together as one. As mothers, as Women. We give life and create balance.  Motherhood continues to teach me that each day. I hope to share my adventures in Motherhood and in living a natural lifestyle to open a tiny window of curiosity and change in one of you.  
Blessings to all!