Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Vision/Planning/Decorative Board

This is a simple, inexpensive, versatile and fun project! You can use any size cork board and it can be adjusted for every room in your home. I came across a $3 36x26 board and I saw lots of potential. All you need is:
  A board
  Fabric you would love to look at on a daily basis
  4-8 Thumbtacks 
  Acrylic Paint 
 and inspiration!

Step 1: Paint the border with an acrylic color of your choice. I chose yellow because it attracts attention and pulls you in. Be sure to paint it outdoors to avoid the fumes or paint in the bathroom with the fan on like I did. Allow the paint to dry. Try adding quotes, words, Flowers or paisleys or stickers. 

Step 2: Iron and cut out the fabric to the size or the board. Fold over the edges on all sides and use a thumbtack on each corner making sure it pulled tightly to avoid wrinkles. Add more thumbtacks to the areas that are needed which will depend on the weight of your fabric. 

That's it! :) 

This particular board is for my 'studio'. I am opening at Etsy shop in April to share my handmade goods with others. I call this my 'vision board'. This will serve a beautiful reminder of what I love, what inspires me which will be my favorite photos of my Son, reminders and quotes that I love. This is my special space that ended up costing me under $10. 

I chose to use thumbtacks to hold the fabric in place because I want to have the option of changing the fabric . A staple gun, hot glue or fabric glue could be used to attach the fabric to the board. 

I hope this inspires you to make a special board just for you!

~ Blessings To All~ 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Mommy, Let's Live in the Moment!"

The other day I caught myself missing a beautiful moment with my Son.

The whole Curing Decay journey can be very energy consuming for me as a parent. It is a big part of our daily lives. Protocols, making sure he takes his supplements, adding minerals to the water, rinsing, brushing, etc. I have to keep an eye on the progress and every time it is nerve racking. I am human, and as many of us have my moments of doubt. When these moments arise, I remind myself to "trust the process" but many of us know how hard that can be. I am doing the best I can as a Mother and as a Woman.

My Son and I were having a conversation a couple of weeks ago. He laughed and I automatically glanced at his top 4 teeth. Peeking and seeing how things were going. Is there more decay? Any chips? Discoloration? No. All is well. Back to my Son. By the time I was done peeking, he was ready to walk away. I missed the eye contact. That moment of connection, joy, happiness and that fuel that a parent gets from seeing their child happy. That moment will never be back. I realized that my worrying (which is pretty normal Mommy life) and thinking of the past and the future was taking time from NOW. How did I drift off like that? It is a feeling that I do not want to experience again.  When I see myself drifting off, I remind myself to come back. "LIVE IN THE NOW!" I am going through the most amazing time of my life seeing my Beautiful little man grow. Everything else, comes after. 

Will I ever experience Motherhood again? I am not sure. What this taught me is that this experience came to us for a reason as with everything. It came our way to simply teach and push me to be a better, more conscious parent. Our lives, diets and knowledge of how the human body works naturally keeps expanding. It is my duty to educate myself and teach my Son what good, holistic oral health consists of. Could if have taught him this without the decay? Maybe since holistic dentistry it is something that has always has intrigued me. After all, I am grateful that his little body was able to signal his deficiency early on. 

Mamas: Look up. Look into your Child's eyes. Live that moment. Take it all in. They are telling you that it is all okay, that it will all work out and most importantly that they love you.

We are doing the best we can and that is simply all we can do. Let's live in the moment and keep pushing with LOVE.

~Love to All~