Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Vision/Planning/Decorative Board

This is a simple, inexpensive, versatile and fun project! You can use any size cork board and it can be adjusted for every room in your home. I came across a $3 36x26 board and I saw lots of potential. All you need is:
  A board
  Fabric you would love to look at on a daily basis
  4-8 Thumbtacks 
  Acrylic Paint 
 and inspiration!

Step 1: Paint the border with an acrylic color of your choice. I chose yellow because it attracts attention and pulls you in. Be sure to paint it outdoors to avoid the fumes or paint in the bathroom with the fan on like I did. Allow the paint to dry. Try adding quotes, words, Flowers or paisleys or stickers. 

Step 2: Iron and cut out the fabric to the size or the board. Fold over the edges on all sides and use a thumbtack on each corner making sure it pulled tightly to avoid wrinkles. Add more thumbtacks to the areas that are needed which will depend on the weight of your fabric. 

That's it! :) 

This particular board is for my 'studio'. I am opening at Etsy shop in April to share my handmade goods with others. I call this my 'vision board'. This will serve a beautiful reminder of what I love, what inspires me which will be my favorite photos of my Son, reminders and quotes that I love. This is my special space that ended up costing me under $10. 

I chose to use thumbtacks to hold the fabric in place because I want to have the option of changing the fabric . A staple gun, hot glue or fabric glue could be used to attach the fabric to the board. 

I hope this inspires you to make a special board just for you!

~ Blessings To All~ 

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