Saturday, January 25, 2014

Coming Full Moon into Motherhood

How do you find balance between who you were before motherhood and who you are now? You ride the wave. You learn. You experience and live. Live through the struggle of confusion. Learn through living off 5hrs of sleep. Through those days where you don't feel your best. Those days full of exhaustion where you cannot take off because you are a mother. Those days where you just need to walk away and be with yourself. 

2013's winter solstice brought a lot of clarity my way. I felt energized, renewed and ready for a change. It brought with it the realization that in order for me to take care of others, I must put myself first. Growing up, my vision of motherhood was sacrifice. Somehow I subconsciously felt like I had to give up myself and serve, serve and serve. Do most mothers go through this? I am not sure. All I knew is that something did not feel right.

I realized that I have to do things that make me happy and complete. Things that make my body feel good and healthy. Things that nourish my soul. I had to do this not only for me, but for my Son. I had to do some time traveling to the zen-me a couple of years ago. Spiritually I was at a beautiful place. What happened? Well, I was stressed. Let's face it, Motherhood rocks your world! In a good way, of course. In that transition, I let go of the things that brought me peace because time for yourself is very limited. Your priorities completely change. You forget about yourself. I left meditation, yoga, painting, crafting, working out and being on top of my diet. Once I traveled back to that place I realized that I am still ME. That those things are still part of my life and that motherhood has just made me stronger, wiser and more confident. 

I love myself enough to make the effort and make myself happy because that is the only way to give the best of me. I love myself enough to wake up at 5am and dedicate an hour to my soul. I love myself enough to work on making myself happy and complete so that I can in return provide that to my Son and partner. I am worth it. I love myself enough to commit  at least 15minutes to moving my body, to slow down, to meditate and relax. 

I commit to myself because I am worth it. 

You are worth it, Sisters! Love yourself. Take care of yourselves. Treat yourselves with love and compassion. Fall in love with the experience, the ups and downs. Take good care of the vessel you are in now. It is the only one you have. You are worth it! 

Watch out, Universe! Here come many more confident, empowered Mothers! 

~Love to All~